Data stored in the cloud is often more secure than storing data in an office. Data in an office is often stored on local laptops, USB keys, and office servers. This data is unencrypted by default, meaning anyone with physical access to the offices can access the data.

3D Repo deploys and maintains instances of the platform in several locations as required by our clients including the UK, Canada, and on-premise in private deployments.

Where 3D Repo directly operates the infrastructure, Microsoft Azure is used to provide the cloud platform. All activity is configured to operate inside the relevant region, aligning with data residency requirements. In the UK, all company data is stored within a UK region.

3D Repo users benefit from both encryption and high levels of physical security to protect their data.

As an open-source platform, 3D Repo allows users to inspect the platform’s operating code and be reassured by the operating principles. The software can be downloaded and operated in 10, 20 or even 100 years’ time.

3D Repo secure hosting options

Instant access

We provide instant online access through our SaaS platform. Access your data whenever you need it and quickly scale as your project requirements change. Data is stored in the highly secure Microsoft Azure data centres.

Private cloud

Prefer a little more control? We can easily deploy our systems onto your own cloud servers so that you can privately manage the servers and who can access them. All while benefiting from increased collaboration and accessibility.


Can’t use the cloud? We also have experience in setting up a super secure on-premise network for your project where you have full control of your data security and network access. Speak to us about this hosting option.