Via 3D Repo’s API, users can link their data to business intelligence tools. This makes it easy for anyone to understand project data, get insights on issues, health and safety concerns, progress tracking, and ultimately, make better-informed decisions.

3D Repo’s API allows access and interaction with the wealth of data stored on 3D Repo’s servers. You may also use the embeddable viewer to build fully customised and integrated solutions.

Server API

Access all 3D Repo functionality
Server API Thumb utilises 3D Repo’s REST API – all functionality there can be accessed and utilised on your projects.

Create custom dashboards, link to CDE’s and design authoring tools, and much more.

V4 API Docs   V5 API Docs

Viewer API

Create your own customisable solution
Viewer API Thumb

Download the 3D Repo embeddable viewer and build your own customised solutions.

Integrate it with your existing software, and design custom UI’s with the functionality you need.

Viewer API Docs

What else can you do?


Create dashboards to easily visualise project data

Link to productivity software

Use 3D Repo with tools such as Power BI, Node Red, and Dynamo for Revit


Use queries to create customised reports

Intuitive and
bespoke UI

3D Repo can be used to power a bespoke interface for building information modelling


Create bespoke web, VR or iOS mobile applications which load data from and interact with the 3D Repo database