Keep a golden thread of information with all the data required to maintain and operate the built asset.

project feedback

Reduce time to answer RFIs by up to 50% through model-based communication.

data handover

Our BIM collaboration platform automates many manual processes to improve data accuracy by up to 95%.

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BIM collaboration for clients and owners. With no software to install we have plans for small teams and large enterprises.

Owners / operators kings cross 3D model

“When carrying out our construction risk analysis there were some issues that we found much earlier with the help of SafetiBase. We would have picked them up later, but this would have cost us time and money”

Philip Shaw
Project Manager, AstraZeneca

Gain access to critical information

Monitor progress of your project regardless of what software the supply chain relies on.

  • Connect to business intelligence tools like Microsoft Power BI

  • Build custom dashboards and view live project data

Owners / operators issues in a 3d model

Reduce project overruns

Spot early warning signs before unavoidable knock-on effects happen.

  • Real-time visibility into your project

  • Gain insight and control to make informed decisions

Owners / operators issues in 3D

Reduce the amount of change requests

Make sure you are happy with the designs before the works begin.

  • Engage clients throughout the design process

  • Provide instant feedback and communication

Owners / operators issues in 3D

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