3D Repo has a growing list of integrations with other technology platforms and software, including Asite, OpenText, Cogital, Mission Room, Dynamo and Power BI and more.

Via 3D Repo’s API, users can link their data to business intelligence tools. This makes it easy for anyone to understand project data, get insights on issues, health and safety concerns, progress tracking, and ultimately, make better-informed decisions. Learn more about our API.

Asite Integration image
Asite logo

Cloud-based Common Data Environment

Asite’s CDE allows firms to store and manage project data in one central and secure repository with controlled access and rich workflows.

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We’ve enabled bi-directional uploading between Asite’s CDE and 3D Repo’s digital construction platform. Files uploaded to one platform are automatically reflected in the other platform.

  • Save time uploading to a single platform

  • Improve collaboration between project teams

  • Quick and easy access to project data

Procore Integration
Procore logo

Construction Project Management

Procore is an all-in-one construction management software built to help you finish quality projects—safely, on time, and within budget.

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The integration allows Procore users to access their 3D Repo models and perform model validation, comparison, and metadata analysis all from within the Procore environment.

  • Keep teams up to date with the latest 3D models

  • Reduce number of uploads

  • Work efficiently with everything in one platform

Power BI integration
Power Bi logo

Business Intelligence Software

Power BI is a business analytics service by Microsoft that aims to provide interactive visualizations and business intelligence capabilities with a simple interface.

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Visualise your project’s data through interactive dashboards and reports using Power BI. Whether you are doing a weekly project review or a formal report, our default template can be tailored to suit.

  • Visualise project data

  • Keep stakeholders informed

  • Monitor project performance

3D Repo Integrates with Autodesk Construction Cloud
Autodesk Construction Cloud logo

Autodesk Construction Cloud

A portfolio of software and services that combines advanced technology, a builders network and predictive insights for construction teams.

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The integration via ACC Connect (Autodesk Construction Cloud Connect) allows 3D models to be published directly from Autodesk® Build, Autodesk Docs, or BIM 360® to the 3D Repo platform.

  • Collaborative risk management

  • Support for custom workflows

  • Speed up routine tasks

Dynamo Integration Tile

Visual Programming Platform

Dynamo is an open-source visual programming platform for computational design and for BIM. Customise and automate workflows, and process tasks more quickly.

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As projects grow, so do daily tasks. Link 3D Repo information to your 3D model so you can easily review model elements and issues, health and safety concerns, and update multiple drawings in a few clicks.

  • Visualise issues and risks

  • Enrich drawings with BIM information

  • Automate 3D Repo workflows

Opentext Integration with 3D Repo
OpenText logo

Core for Supplier Exchange

OpenText is a world leader in enterprise information management solutions, helping companies capture, govern, and exchange information on a global scale.

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A solution for streamlining contractual deliverables and transmittals securely in the cloud. Any Revit or IFC files that are uploaded to the Core for Supplier Exchange are also loaded into a corresponding project in 3D Repo.

  • Enable collaboration during submission

  • Associate deliverables with a 3D model

  • Fully customisable to suit each project

PlanBase Integration image
PlanBase Logo

3D Portal for Residents and Planners

PlanBase is an open-source 3D planning portal where residents and planners alike can easily review planning proposals and comment on them where it matters most.

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Based on the award-winning 3D Repo digital construction platform, PlanBase provides an easy-to-use visual narrative where users can view and instantly provide feedback on planning proposals.

  • Improved engagement with local communities

  • Better communication of proposals in 3D

  • Fast collection of feedback and iterations

Cogital Integration image
Cogital logo

Digital Twin Platform

Cogital is an international Digital Transformation Agency working with Consultants, Contractors and Owners. They operate across the full AECO industry.

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Once models are federated in 3D Repo, the client simply signs in via a custom web portal to view, comment, and mark up issues. 3D Repo is the engine and model viewer behind custom UI. Read case study.

  • Empower clients with easy access to info.

  • Engage the client throughout the project

  • Custom UI

Mission Room Integration image
Mission-Room logo

Immersive Media & Display Systems

Mission Room develops and integrates a range of immersive media and display systems for infrastructure projects and visitor experiences, from desktops to walk-in cubes. Mission Room specialise in custom solutions that address your needs.

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3D Repo’s cloud-based construction platform works with Mission Room visual displays to create an immersive and engaging experience, allowing users to virtually step inside a 3D model and collaborate.

  • Teams work together more collaboratively

  • Communicate issues more clearly

  • Safely perform real-time coordination offsite

Active-Plan logo

ActivePlan Digital Asset Platform

Just as 3D Repo federates geometric models and files, Activeplan does the same with Asset data, providing a platform that glues together the data managed in the many different applications used for asset management.

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The coordinated 3D Repo and Activeplan models provide the holistic view required to satisfy the different stakeholders who need their slice of the information model presented the best way for them.

  • Holistic view of BIM and asset data

  • In line with the golden thread

  • A single source of truth

eviFIle Integration image
eviFile logo

Site-Based Evidence Collection

eviFile is a digital evidence platform that enables businesses to collect authentic field-data using every day mobile devices. Manage field assets, track inspection routes, provide proof of events with eviFile.

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eviFile allows the contractor to securely record work onsite, report issues with assets, and allocate tasks to field operatives. Data is instantly relayed to a model in 3D Repo so you can view and manage assets in real-time.

  • Easy access data leads to reduced time on site

  • Centralised tracking and evidence of programme

  • Quickly view project progress with full audit trail

Luminova integration
Luminova logo

High-end 3D Visualisation

From short timeline competitions through to large, highly complex long term projects. Luminova can help you communicate your design more effectively through still, animation or interactive solutions.

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A back-end integration between Luminova and 3D Repo allows the client to have their BIM models downloaded to Luminova and transformed into ultra-realistic 3D renders without complex BIM and construction data.

  • Better understanding of complexities and the risks

  • Communicate the vision of the project

  • Increased stakeholder engagement

BHoM Integration image
HoM logo

Sustainable Code at Scale

A collaborative computational development project and collective experiment. By sharing and co-creating code we can better shape our environment and our future.

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The AEC Delta Mobility project sets a new standard to enable users to efficiently stream individual design changes between stakeholders using their own choice of conforming software, rather than sharing entire files.

  • Clearer coordination – see what you are syncing

  • Increases productivity by over 15%

  • Easier to track design changes

Unit9 ipad app
Unit9 logo

Innovation Production Studio

UNIT9 is one of the leading global multidisciplinary production companies working in different interactive areas including films, games, virtual reality and digital technology.

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Unit9 have created a fully functional 3D Repo app for iPad that allows users to view 3D models from anywhere. View your 3D models, manage design and safety issues, and perform buildability all from your 3D Repo app for iPad.

  • Collaborate remotely

  • Keep all project teams in sync

  • Get information in more hands that need it

Node Red integration

Flow-Based Programming Tool

Node-RED is a flow-based programming tool for creating JavaScript functions and allows users to connect hardware devices, APIs, and online services.

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Explore the potential of new workflows. Use Node-RED to connect to 3D Repo’s APIs for model validation/analysis, data mining and issue tracking. Node-RED will suit users of tools like Dynamo or Grasshopper.

  • Automate 3D Repo workflows

  • Easily connect external data

  • Build custom workflows