project delivery

Prevent costly rework by identifying design issues in the 3D and 4D model before the construction phase.

project risk

Involve the whole project team to identify more risks in a 3D and 4D environment.

project monitoring

Standardisation of data allows for better project benchmarking to help drive improvements.

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BIM collaboration for contractors. With no software to install, we have plans for small teams and large enterprises.

3D Repo for Contractors Canary Wharf

“By utilising the 3D Repo platform, we can account for coordination and issue-resolution to ensure the delivery of a workable virtual design.”

Richard Bray
Project Executive, Canary Wharf Contractors

Reduce RFIs

Reduce the amount of formal RFIs through informal interactive collaboration over a 3D and 4D model.

  • Identify clashes earlier in the design process

  • 3D and 4D visualisations allow better understanding of the project as a whole

Improve team efficiency

All project partners have access to information on-demand to help reduce the need for regular meetings.

  • Access your project data from anywhere

  • Keep all trades in sync working from a live single source of truth

3D Repo for Contractors issues and risks

Automated data validation

Ensure the designs meet the agreed specification automatically.

  • Group model elements together for easy progress tracking

  • Quickly run data checks to ensure it is up to standard

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