Reduce required BIM coordination and data checking time by up to 35%.

data accuracy

Automating manual tasks can boost related data accuracy by up to 95%.

stakeholder communication

Get the whole team on the same page and talking to each other.

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3d repo for consultants heartspace model

“Atkins has used 3D Repo’s SafetiBase on several projects and we estimate a 30% time saving across health and safety documenting activities and a 20% cost saving on health and safety review and information handover.”

Zane Ulhaq
Technical Director, Atkins

issue resolution

Track all tasks in a central hub to improve accountability and streamline project team performance.

  • Manage and assign issues among collaborators
  • Drive accountability and transparency

Keep all
disciplines in sync

The whole project team can coordinate work from a single source of truth, anywhere and at any time in the cloud.

  • Quickly access your models in a web-browser

  • Save time by not having to switch between different digital tools

Deliver on quality assurance targets

Quickly run automated data checks to ensure data quality standards have been met.

  • More accurate time and cost estimations

  • Save time and cost on rework

3d repo for Architects and Engineers smart groups

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