AEC Data Management Like Never Before

What’s Inside 3D Repo?

Cloud-Based BIM

Access Your Models From Almost Anywhere

Truly Collaborative

The 3D Repo platform sits in the cloud, which means anyone with a web-browser and an internet connection can log in to 3D Repo and start collaborating! So instead of architects, consultants, and contractors sharing massive files in a time-consuming manner, they can simply point their web browser to an encrypted knowledge base to start examining each project stage virtually.

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Issue Tracker

Manage and assign issues among collaborators

Streamlined Issue Management

Record 3D pins to identify issues and assign them to various parties on the project for streamlined project management with the Issue Tracker.

Issues are highlighted with a colour, specific to the party that it has been assigned to.

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Track and Analyse Health & Safety Issues

Manage Health & Safety

SafetiBase is the collaborative way to share and use Health and Safety information and project risks, associating them directly to the model. SafetiBase conforms to the newly published specification for ‘collaborative sharing and use of structured health and safety information using BIM’ (Publicly Available Specification PAS 1192-6).

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Smart Groups

Data validation made easy

Data Democratised

A simple way for users to validate data and group model elements together for easy progress tracking and more reliable data outputs for the client. With its ease of use, Smart Groups democratises the data validation process regardless of software knowledge.

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3D Diff® Change Detection

Compare 3D Models Even Across Different File Types

Detect Model Changes

Detect changes in 3D models regardless of their file type or underlying data structure. Even if object IDs are missing, our patent-pending 3D Diff® tool highlights exactly what has changed between any two model revisions, even if they were created in different modelling applications.

Red denotes deletions and green additions, simple as that!

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Instant Clash™

Visualise Clashes Exactly Where They Appear

Spot Model Clashes

Running instantly in your web browser Instant Clash™ automatically identifies and highlights the exact intersection points between different model elements. Instant Clash™ compares any two models and is based solely on geometry, regardless of their file type or underlying data structure.

Red denotes geometry intersection, simple as that!

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4D Playback

Democratise, visualise & analyse the output of the 4D Modelling

Synchro Integration

Now you can import projects from Bentley Synchro into 3D Repo. The integration will enable site teams to identify, record, and resolve site hazards as part of a virtual construction sequence evaluation and training.

What can you do with Sequences?

  • Share 4D Models with anyone on the web
  • Navigate & Playback 4D Models with ease
  • Attribute Issues & Risks to specific tasks or sequences
  • Project reporting
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Communicate Across Multiple Applications

Seamless Communication

Our Plugins allow you to effectively communicate any information across your projects in real-time. Whether it is an Issue that needs someone’s attention or a SafetiBase Risk that needs to be resolved. You can even publish your models directly to 3D Repo from your design authoring tools.

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Integrate 3D Repo with your Software

Access Data & Build Apps

Use 3D Repo’s APIs to connect with the applications you are using or simply access the wealth of data stored on 3D Repo’s servers. Build custom web applications with our embeddable viewer.

What can you do with 3D Repo API?

  • Create dashboards
  • Link to productivity software
  • Project reporting
  • Bespoke UI
  • Bespoke applications
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User Management

Set Fine-Grained User Privileges


Full access to model data, design issues, settings and user management.


Commenting on design issues but no model uploads.


Full collaboration including issue creation and model uploads.


Read-only access to design issues and model data.

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