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White Paper on Digital Twins: How to Avoid the Pitfalls of BIM

By 16th April 2021Announcements

What you will learn from this white paper:

  • The status quo of digital twins and how the concept fits into today’s AECO industry;
  • The power of mutual understanding and agreement of what determines a digital twin;
  • The advice on how to avoid the potential to overwhelm and overcomplicate;
  • The questions on how to determine whether tools you need are right in front of you;
  • The misunderstanding of old vs new data;
  • The benefits of implementing 4D BIM for the purposes of DTs;
  • The need to streamline coordination between all parties for a DT to succeed.

Digital Twins (DTs), as the name suggests, provide a form of a digital counterpart for a physical asset. They promise to transform construction delivery and Facilities Management (FM), boosting operational productivity, quality and ultimately profitability in the process.

But the clients’ ambition for the technology will fall flat if important lessons are not learnt from the prolonged and often painful BIM roll out from the past decade!

Assuming you have read the Digital Twin Toolkit by Centre for Digital Built Britain available for free online and decided a DT can bring tangible commercial benefit to your organisation, the aim of this whitepaper is to then highlight the possibilities of digital twins and to debunk the myths surrounding them. It also draws on the experiences of implementing BIM while challenging the industry to avoid the same pitfalls by approaching digital twins in a radically different way.

Gain insights from our co-authors and industry thought leaders, Matthew Osment, Head of Digital Twins, and Dr Jozef Dobos, CEO, 3D Repo.

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