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White Paper: Demystifying the Golden Thread

By 22nd November 2021White Papers

Demystifying the Golden Thread. What you will learn from this white paper:

  • What is the Golden Thread and who is affected by it
  • What clients, consultants and contractors need to do to get ready
  • How building owners will be impacted

Including Dame Judith Hackitt’s recommendations and the Building Safety Bill.


There are many reasons for changes to be made to elements of a building’s design during its construction.

The problem comes when these changes – and the reason for them – are not properly recorded and approved. The building owner can be left with gaps in the information about their asset which will make maintenance and replacement more challenging. And, as the Grenfell Tower fire illustrated, changes that adversely affect the structural or fire safety of a building can be catastrophic.

This is why we need the golden thread of information, a concept introduced by Dame Judith Hackitt in her report that followed on from the Grenfell Tower fire.

This free white paper demystifies the Golden Thread of information in construction and provides information and advice on what your organisation can do now to prepare for the changes ahead.

Gain insights from Product Manager, Matthew Osment and construction software professional, Andrew Norrie.

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