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White Paper: Breaking down the barriers to 4D adoption

By 24th June 2021Announcements

What you will learn from this white paper:

  • Why 4D is moving into the mainstream and how to get started;
  • The role of content, technology and people in implementing 4D;
  • The value that 4D can bring to benefit every construction project;
  • How 4D can improve health and safety, planning, communication and collaboration;
  • The intersection of 4D with Modern Methods of Construction (MMC);
  • The role of 4D in reducing waste and improving sustainability;
  • The future of 4D.

As the construction industry continues with its steady march towards greater digitalisation, interest in 4D is growing as it is increasingly seen as a better way to plan, explain, monitor and report on construction projects.

However, despite this interest, there remains a stigma that 4D can be costly, time-consuming and difficult. While this may have been true for some of the first 4D projects to be realised, with the advent of new technologies, 4D no longer needs to be expensive or difficult. 

This white paper aims to de-bunk some of the myths surrounding 4D adoption and demonstrates how more stakeholders can benefit from using 4D from the beginning and throughout every construction project.

Gain insights from our co-authors and industry thought leaders, Matthew Osment, Head of Digital Twins, and James Bowles, Founder, Freeform and Chair of 4D Construction Group.

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