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Webinar – Your Digital Control Room for HS2

By 18th August 2020Webinars
See how easy it is to get control of your data, actions, and get a trusted real-time view of your entire project.

About this Event

From dashboards to field data capture Command Centre removes the uncertainty caused by inaccurate reports, excessive manual data entry and labour intensive reporting.

Trusted metrics at your fingertips… This is software with context

We’ve all been in your shoes, we have lived and breathed the issues you have on projects and understand how frustrating they can be.

Introducing… Smartsheet integration with 3D Repo

3D Repo is transforming how construction projects are designed and delivered by democratising data, mitigating risk and reducing complexity for architects, engineers and contractors. Through 3D Repo, multidisciplinary teams can communicate and access live BIM data through a web browser.

Attend this webinar to find out how Smartsheet integrates your BIM data and seamlessly connects with 3D Repo for powerful real-time insights, for more informed decisions, and improvement in project coordination and efficiency.

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