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Webinar: How Mace and 3D Repo are Improving Construction Performance Management

By 26th April 2021Webinars
Matthew Gough
Director of Innovation and Winning Work, Mace

Hear from Mace on how they plan to improve productivity, quality, and performance of UK construction through a new immersive plug-and-play construction management and reporting platform.

Lawrence Matthews
Managing Director, Luminova

Well known for their work at Heathrow beginning with Terminal 5, followed by T2, T3 and the 3rd Runway Expansion; get a first-hand look at Luminova’s Hyperview digital twin platform built for visualising large-scale realistic 3D portfolio projects that enable immersive reviews, streamline communication, and drive better decisions.

Stephen Roe
Managing Director, Stageport

Learn how Stageport are using digital surveying and cloud-based BIM to create virtual venues that generate wide-ranging benefits for venue operators, visiting producers and audiences.

Bogdan Davydov
BIM Specialist and Customer Success Manager, 3D Repo

A move to remote working for AEC in 2020 brought about new challenges in collaboration. See a live demo and use case on a new remote 3D rendering and advanced model caching solution that is helping construction clients and contractors to collaborate using large 3D models in real-time.

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