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Virtual Reality Headsets Increase Public Engagement

By 3rd May 2018 Announcements

Osborne in partnership with Highways England, WSP and 3D Repo set up a Virtual Reality environment as part of a public information day at M27/A3057 Romsey Bridge. In conjunction with traffic management information a state of the art visual walk through was used to demonstrate the completed structure. It was a huge success as members of the public virtually crossed the bridge and jumped down onto the M27 to view from the road.

The possibilities for VR technology are endless. By importing the 3D GPR surveys into the BIM model a machine operator could use a VR headset to see the services in the ground before they go out to excavate!

Our learning culture is all about sharing the experiences and benefits of innovation with our partners. These examples serve to show how we always aim to apply innovative methods to deliver greater value and improve the experience, both for our customers and asset users.

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