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2022 Highlights & Resources

3D Repo 2022 Highlights & Resources 2022 has been a positive year for 3D Repo, full of exciting projects, events, updates and various white papers and webinars. Explore some of our 2022 highlights and resources from the past year below. 3D Repo V5 Release - 2023 Our NEW V5 Release is set to launch early 2023! New features will be rolled out to all users including ...

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Connecting Data for AEC Event with 3D Repo & Google Cloud

Connecting Data for AEC with 3D Repo & Google Cloud On the 5th December 2022, we hosted our digital construction event, Connecting Data for AEC, in collaboration with Google Cloud. The focus of the event was around ways the industry can better manage data for more optimized and safe outcomes, with speakers from Google Cloud, Mott MacDonald, WSP and 3D Repo. We had a great ...

News and events|

Automating Clash Detection & Data Validation

Automating Clash Detection & Data Validation WATCH ON DEMAND Are you tired of encountering costly mistakes and setbacks during your construction projects? Do you want to improve your workflow and minimize errors? Our recent webinar on clash detection and data validation can help you do just that! What you will learn:  During this webinar, we take you through how the 3D Repo platform can be ...


Visualizing Carbon in 3D Repo: From BIM to ZERO

Abstract The AEC sector is facing one of the biggest global challenges to reduce overall carbon emissions on projects, which come with great environmental responsibility towards the built environment. To address and facilitate the achievement of such sustainability goals while encouraging collaboration across AEC professionals, the 3D Repo platform enables novel data-driven approaches to quickly visualise estimated carbon metrics in 3D, on the web and in ...


Geometry Streaming on 40 Leadenhall Street: A Case Study

Sebastian Friston, Carmen Fan, Matthew Osment, Max Kidwai & Jozef Doboš Web3D 2022 Full Text Abstract 3D models in the architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) sector are becoming bigger by the day, yet AEC professionals still need to be able to federate and collaborate on such massive 3D scenes over the Internet. In this case study, we present the 3D Repo Infinite Geometry Streaming solution on the ...


Enhancing Digital Workflows with 3D Repo & Moata

Enhancing Digital Workflows with 3D Repo & Moata WATCH ON DEMAND Looking to streamline your digital workflows and improve project outcomes? Take a look at our recent webinar as we explore the benefits of combining two powerful digital solutions platforms: 3D Repo and Mott MacDonald's, Moata. During this session, you'll discover how combining these platforms can help you unlock new levels of productivity, efficiency, and accuracy ...

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