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Discover V5.4 – The Latest Version of

We're excited to introduce the latest release of - V5.4! From smart groups in custom tickets to 75% faster model processing, this release is tailored to make your work smoother, faster, and more efficient. Take a look at some of the exciting new features and improvements in V5.4 that will further boost collaboration and productivity across your projects. New features and enhancements in V5.4 Model Processing ...

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10 Steps to Cloud Success: Ensuring Data Protection and Privacy

In today's digital era, businesses are increasingly relying on cloud systems to store and manage their valuable data as it offers numerous benefits. However, with growing concerns surrounding data breaches and privacy issues, it is vital for organisations to carefully evaluate the security and protection of data when choosing a cloud service provider. Not sure where to start? Follow these steps as a guideline for how ...

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Introducing V5.2 – The Latest Version of

The latest version release of is out! V5.2 offers new enhancements that will further help streamline workflows, improve collaboration, and save time and money. What new features can you expect in V5? Sign on with Microsoft Users can now sign in to using their Microsoft accounts, which improves security, simplifies the sign-in process and makes access easier to manage. It also means additional security ...

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Asite Acquires 3D Repo to Enhance Digital Engineering Solutions

Asite Acquires 3D Repo to Enhance Digital Engineering Solutions London, UK (April 2023) - Asite, the world’s leading data platform for the built environment, has announced the acquisition of 3D Repo, a pioneer in cloud-based Building Information Modelling (BIM) collaboration software. The combination brings together two innovative companies with complementary technologies and expertise, with the aim of driving digitisation in construction to new heights. The acquisition ...

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10 Steps to Better Information Management

In today’s digital age, businesses have access to more data than ever before. However, having access to a lot of data doesn’t necessarily mean that it is being utilised in the most efficient and effective way. By making efforts towards improved information management, it can help businesses make better-informed decisions, reduce risk, and increase productivity. Information management encompasses document management, data management, information governance, and team ...

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