1. Understand User Management

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Understanding User Management

In this article, you will learn the principles of User Management in 3D Repo and we will cover the basics of:

  • Inviting/Adding a user to the Teamspace
  • Granting project access to various users
  • Managing user permissions
  • Differentiate between Admin levels
If you already know the principles of user management in 3D Repo and simply want to add new users or manage their permissions the following articles will show you how to do it:

Introduction to User Management

Log into 3D Repo and head over to User Management.
The options in this tab allow you to manage and have control over:

  • Inviting new users to 3D Repo
  • Sharing your Teamspace/Models/Federations with new and existing users
  • Managing User Permissions

In the User Management window, you will be presented with a list of users that belong to yours or another Teamspace.
Here are the main functionalities you’ll be using:

  1. Teamspace selection for when you add & remove users
  2. Users tab containing the list of users that belong to a selected Teamspace
  3. Projects tab is where you manage project & model access permissions for each individual user
  4. Jobs tab is where you create roles and assign them to Users
  5. Add a User button allows you to search & add an existing user or invite a new one

Add/Invite a user to the Teamspace

There are two ways of adding new users to the Teamspace:

  1. Search & Add an existing user from our database
  2. Send an invitation via an E-mail

Add an existing User

When you add an existing user to the Teamspace, they will NOT automatically be granted access to any of the projects or models.
You will need to head over to the Projects Tab and manage their access permissions from there.
You can search for a new user using the following information:

  • Username
  • E-mail address

If a user does not exist or can not be found, you can send them an invitation to register for a 3D Repo account.

Invite a new User

Let’s have a look at the principles of Inviting users to the Teamspace.
When you send the invite you’ll have to provide the following information:

  • Recipients E-mail address
  • Job (their role in the teamspace)
  • Level of permissions

Note that unlike with adding a new user you can predefine project & model permissions in your invitations.
You can send & manage invitations in the User Management window.

User Permissions

Once added some users to a Teamspace, you can manage their level of project access & ownership.
There are 3 tiers of project users in 3D Repo:

  • Teamspace Admin
  • Project Admin
  • Project User

Teamspace Admin

You have full control of the teamspace and can manage/assign other Teamspace Admins, Project Admins and Users. Manage all the data stored in the Teamspace including the Projects, Models, Issues & Risks.

Project Admin

You only have full control of a Project (multiple projects) within the Teamspace. You can manage and assign Admins or Users to that Project. Manage all the data stored in the Project including Models, Issues & Risks.
Note that Project Admin rights can only be assigned under project permissions. When you are an Admin, you can change project permissions for other users also.

Project User

You only have access to a select few models/projects. Your model access is automatically restricted to one of the 4 levels of permissions (Unassigned, Commenter, Viewer, Collaborator). As a result, you can not manage other users.


Project Permissions

Whilst the Project Admin has full control, Users can be limited to individual models/federations within a project.
Any Teamspace may contain multiple projects, but only a single list of users to choose from.
When you select a project you can choose how many models each user has access to.

Level of Permissions

There are four tiers of user permissions in 3D Repo that manage the level of access to individual models/federations.
When you assign a new user to a model/federation you can select one of the following options:

  • Unassigned (No model/federation Access)
  • Viewer
  • Commenter
  • Collaborator
  • Admin

For more information, head over to our Support Centre page or check out our video tutorials on how to Invite Users and User Management.