Transferring Issues Between Projects

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Transferring Issues Between Projects

The objective of this article is to help you make use of the Import and Export BCF functionalities to transfer already created Issues in a project to another one in 3D Repo using a BCF file format. This option is particularly useful if you are working with another model/federation and would like to transfer the same list of Issues and their information.

Export Issues

  1. In, open any model or federation containing the issues you wish to transfer
  2. In the Issues card, select the Options menu on the right corner
  3. Choose Export BCF to download the Issues locally

Import Issues

  1. Open another model or federation you wish to transfer the Issues to, assuming you already created the Model/Federation container
    This model or federation can be contained in the same project or any other project
  2. In the Issues card, Select the three Options menu on the right corner
  3. Choose Import BCF to upload the issues to

  4. Select the BCF file created from the ‘Open’ window dialog
  5. Hit Open
    The message ‘Uploading BCF’ will appear at the bottom of the Issues card

  6. Voilà! Your Issues are now transferred to the other model or federation

Note: Issues names, information, camera views, section planes and object selections are transferred.
Pins are not supported via BCF format and will not appear in the model viewer.

For more information, please visit our Support Centre page.