3. Supported File Formats

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Supported File Formats

3D Repo is a platform that is compatible with many of the popular 3D file formats. This article will cover the following topics:

  • Supported File Formats
  • Navisworks Plug-in
  • Revit Plug-in

Supported File Formats

3D Files you can upload directly on 3drepo.io

Geometry Formats

  • Upload 3D models from your local machine to 3D Repo
  • 3D Repo currently supports IFC, RVT, FBX, OBJ and DGN formats
  • For instance, check out the article on how to upload a Revit model to 3D Repo
  • Note: Our viewer can show any geometry including 3D shapes or surfaces. If you fail to upload some of these file formats, it’s because they might only contain points or 2D lines.

3D Repo Issues Import

  • Use a BCF format to:
    • Import New Issues
    • Import Issues to an existing list
    • Export Issues
    • Transfer Issues between projects/models
  • For more info, please refer to the full article on how to transfer Issues between projects in 3D Repo

Other file formats

These are the files exported from 3D Repo to your local machine

  • Export PDF to output a printable Issues Report
  • Download JSON to save your list of Issues
  • CSV format to :
    • Upload a list of treatment suggestions
    • Download the existing or modified list
    • Download the default template list

Navisworks Plug-in

3D Models you can publish to 3D Repo from Autodesk Navisworks application

1. Upload to 3D Repo from Navisworks

  • When opening any of the 3D files in Navisworks, you can directly publish them to 3drepo.io from within the application
  • The Navisworks Plug-in article explains in detail the steps required to do so
  • For more guidance, please refer to the 3D Repo plug-ins videos on how to upload a model to 3D Repo

2. Export .BIM files locally

  • This option is useful if, in some cases for instance, you encounter file upload or support problems
  • Any of the native DWG, DXF, DWFX, RVT, NWC, NWD, IFC, DGN, 3DS, SKP, PRT, SLDASM and SLDPRT file formats opened on Navisworks can be exported as a .BIM file
  • This .BIM file can then be pushed to 3D Repo using ‘Model Upload’ on 3drepo.io
  • Check out the Unity article should you wish to import your .BIM files to Unity

Revit Plug-in

Plug-in coming soon For more information, please visit our Support Centre.