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Revit Issues Plugin

The 3D Repo for Autodesk® Revit® plugin provides a convenient way of accessing and managing project issues. Issues created in 3D Repo can be accessed inside Autodesk Revit with the Revit Plug-in. View messages, resources, screenshots, and even add new issues and comments all from within the Revit environment.

Currently Supported Versions: Revit 2018, 2019, 2020 & 2021

Initial Setup

  1. Sign Up on for a free account
  2. Create a new project in 3D Repo
  3. Create a model container to which you want to upload your file
  4. Click on the button below to download and install the Revit Plugin
  5. Open Autodesk Revit desktop application and load a 3D Model (.RVT)
  6. Within Revit click on the Add-Ins tab located in the main ribbon menu
Download Plugin

Load Issues from 3D Repo

  1. Create a 3D view for coordination and rename it. Use it to view issues from 3D Repo
  2. For the best visual experience, set view to Perspective in Projection Mode under Properties tab
  3. Open 3D Repo Issues Viewer Add-In on the right and fill in your log in details using 3D Repo username and password

    Open Issues List

  4. While in Properties tab, a list of Teamspaces shared with your account will appear. Select the Teamspace first, then the project and the model you wish to access. Load Revit links for better context view. Use the refresh button to load the updated changes to your model
  5. Click on the issue to change model view and on the arrow to open Issue
  6. Filter Issue List by typing in the title given to the Issue you wish to see
  7. To create a new Issue, click on New Issue and fill in the information
  8. To review and update Issue information change Priority, Status, Assign, Type and Due Date accordingly from the respective drop-down options
  9. Edit the Description by clicking on the pen icon and save
  10. Choose the arrow to scroll down to the Comments section
  11. Add comments to existing issues
  12. Click on camera button to take a model screenshot or on picture button to upload an image. To delete it, simply click on the image
  13. Hit Send when done to communicate issues changes with the team

Send issues to 3D Repo

  1. Access Resources Tab to open model resources available
  2. Click on a file to visualise it in your Web browser. Currently supported formats: .PDF documents, web links, images and videos
  3. Click on Issue Comments to change current model view and on the image to open the markup view on Revit
  4. Just like the steps above, you can also take a screenshot of the current Revit view with the camera button and add comments
  5. Hit Send to communicate changes with your team on 3D Repo

For more information, look up video tutorials or visit Revit Plugin for this tutorial.