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Navisworks Plugin

The 3D Repo for Autodesk® Navisworks® plugin provides a convenient way of exporting models from Navisworks to 3D Repo.
You can either upload your models directly to 3D Repo from Navisworks or export your models into 3D Repo proprietary file format (.bim), to be uploaded through our web app.

Download Plugin

Currently Supported Versions: Navisworks 2018, 2019, 2020 & 2021

Initial Setup

  1. Sign Up on for a free account
  2. Create a new project in
  3. Create a model container to which you want to upload your file
  4. Download and install the Navisworks Plugin
  5. Open Autodesk Navisworks desktop application
  6. Load a 3D Model (.NWC or .NWD)
  7. In Navisworks click on the Tool Add-Ins tab located in the main ribbon menu
  8. Click on the Export to 3D Repo and provide the following login details:
    • Username
    • Password

Upload Directly to 3D Repo

In some cases prior to uploading, we advise you to take measurements and check that your model matches the model units in 3D Repo.

  1. In the Upload to a model window, specify a model location in 3D Repo by selecting the relevant
    • Teamspace
    • Project
    • Model
  2. Provide new revision name following the required format and an optional description
  3. Hit Upload button once ready to upload to a progress bar will appear
  4. Upon successful upload, a message ‘Upload completed’ will appear.
    Click Done to close the window

Export .BIM files locally

  1. Go to Tool Add-Ins tab
  2. Click Export .bim to export file locally
  3. Specify model units in the dropdown unit options
  4. Specify file export location
  5. Hit Export to start the process
  6. Track export in the progress bar. Once the model is successfully exported, a message Done will appear. Close the window
  7. Head over to and upload the model directly in Teamspaces panel
  8. Last revision contains the information about the current model revision
  9. The placeholder model created will have next to it either the word ‘Processing’ or display a timestamp for the upload time of the previous model revision until the new model has been processed
  10. The new model revision available can be accessed by clicking on Revisions

Upload Specific Model Selection

When you open a large model federation, you may wish to select and upload only specific elements to 3D Repo. You can do so by either hiding elements you don’t want to see or by highlighting elements with different colour appearance.

Using Select Box
  1. Go to Home tab
  2. Choose Select Box from the drop-down menu under Select
  3. In the model, click and drag to select all objects included in the blue rectangular area
  4. Choose Hide to only hide objects contained within this area
  5. Or choose Hide Unselected to hide all objects outside the blue rectangular area
Using Selection Tree
  1. Go to View Tab
  2. In Selection Tree, choose Standard option in the drop-down list
  3. Right-click on the name of elements contained you wish to hide. Elements picked will be highlighted in blue in the model
  4. Choose Hide or keyboard shortcut Ctrl + H
Using Model Right-click
  1. Directly select elements in the model while pressing and holding Ctrl on your keyboard for multiple selections. Elements to be hidden are highlighted in blue
  2. Right-click and Hide or hit Ctrl + H on your keyboard

Colour Overriding Elements

Using Selection Tree
  1. In Selection Tree, choose Standard option in the drop-down list
  2. Right-click on elements
  3. Choose Override Item then Override Color
  4. Pick the desired colour from the Color window and click OK
Using Model Right-click
  1. Select specific model elements and click + hold Ctrl for multiple selections
  2. Right-click and choose Override Item then Override Color
  3. Pick the desired colour from the Color window and click OK
  4. Have a play with Override Transparency too if you wish to modify element opacity
  5. To reset appearance to default, choose Reset Item from the right-click options
  6. Save the file as .NWD to show the corresponding colour changes on 3D Repo

For more information, look up video tutorials or watch directly model upload using Navisworks plugin and Navisworks federation.