2. Model Navigation & Interaction

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Navigation Modes






Move Forwards & Backwards

Change view angle

Move Up & Down

Model Interaction

Object Selection

Click on an object to select it. To select multiple objects, hold down Ctrl and select.

Selection Box

Hold down Shift then click and drag to select all items visible within a rectangular area.

  1. A Selection Box dragged to the right will only select objects that are fully within the rectangular area
  2. When dragged to the left all objects that are touching the rectangular area will be selected

Section Cut

You can cut through your model with a single section plane or a section box.
In the toolbar, select the clip mode button and choose between a single plane or a clip box (6 planes).

Single Section Plane

Section Plane Settings

Section Box

Object Data

Click on the BIM icon in the toolbar to activate the BIM Card. Once activated, select any model element to see the data attributed to it.


Toolbar features

1. Return to Extent View
To return to a viewpoint from which you can see the entire Model, click on the Zoom Extent button.
2. Navigation Mode
Click the Turntable or Helicopter icon in the lower toolbar to change Navigation Mode.
3. Show All Objects
To reveal all hidden Objects, click Show All.
4. Hide Objects
First, select the object then click the Hide button in the lower toolbar. You can perform this action on multiple objects as well.
5. Isolate Objects
You can Isolate single or multiple Objects for easier navigation. Select the Object(s) in the 3D Viewer (hold CTRL to multi-select) or use the Tree Card, then click the Isolate button. You can also Isolate Groups.
6. Reset Colour Override
You can reset model colour overrides to defaults.
7. Focus Mode
Click the Focus Mode to hide all of the feature icons. This will leave you with a 3D Model only.
8. Clip Mode
Click on the Clip mode and choose between a single clip or clip box (6 sections).
9. Show Coordinates
Click on Show Coordinate to display model XYZ information underneath the toolbar. Point your mouse to where you want to measure coordinates.
10. BIM Cart
Click on the BIM Cart to view element metadata. Once activated, select model element and BIM cart will open on the right side of your screen.