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Model Data & Federation Data in Power BI

Our default Model Data and Federation Data templates files will provide you with a comprehensive and organised project overview.
Establish a live link between your project in 3D Repo and Power BI dashboard.
From there onwards, you can customise it further and link additional information if necessary.
Both templates operate similarly so pick either Model Data or Federation Data accordingly depending on which you need.

Download the Power BI application here:

Download the Template

  • Open your internet browser and go to the downloads section on our website
  • Click on the BIM Forensics tab
  • Scroll down to the Power BI section where you see the template needed and click Download

Open the Template

  • Open the downloaded ZIP folder
  • Copy-paste the template file to your local drive and open it
  • Follow the next few steps below to connect it with 3D Repo

Setup your Query

When you open the Power BI template for the first time, ignore the ‘Access Web Content’ window and close it.
You will need to provide credentials to connect to the Web source (

Data source settings

  1. In the drop-down menu Transform Data, select Data source settings containing the API request for data stored in 3D Repo
  2. Click on the Change Source button
  3. Replace and provide the following information in the URL link
    TEAMSPACE  where the model is stored
    MODEL ID (model’s Unique ID number)
    The web browser’s address bar contains information about Teamspace & Model ID, which you can copy-paste to Power BI.
    Retrieve this information by going to and open any model you want to query.
    API KEY for quick and easy authentication
    You can generate an API Key in your profile section. For more help watch the ‘Generate API Key’ video tutorial
  4. After pasting, click OK to submit changes
  5. In Data source settings, click Close to apply these changes

    Retrieve Model Data

    Once you have successfully established your Web API Query using Data source settings, add the data to your table.
    You will need to connect with the credentials as below:

  6. Click on Transform Data
  7. A new window appears, click Edit Credentials to connect. This will establish the live link with your project in 3D Repo
  8. Click Connect
  9. In the Metadata column, click on the expand icon
  10. Press Load More 
  11. Untick ‘Use original column name as prefix’
  12. Click OK to load Metadata
  13. Select Close & Apply in the top left corner of your toolbar
  14. Voila! Model data is loaded in Data section. Start building your dashboard
  15. Save your Power BI file
  16. Next time you open the file, click on the Refresh button to retrieve the latest information from 3D Repo

For more information on API requests, check out our API documentation ‘Get all meta data‘ and the video tutorials page on how to see BIM data in 3D Repo.