3. Add Users to Projects

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How to Add Users to Projects

In this article, you will learn how to do the following:

  • Add users to a project
  • Manage User’s project/model permissions
  • Defining User permissions when sending an invite

By now you should already know the basics of user management in 3D Repo and how to add users to any Teamspace.
If you are not sure about the above information then have a read through the following articles before we deep dive into User Permissions in 3D Repo:

Add Users to the Project

Project User Permissions

You can grant users full project control & access by making them Project Admins.
This can be achieved on individual projects as shown below:

  1. Select the relevant Teamspace
  2. Head over to the Projects Tab
  3. Select the relevant Project
  4. If the user list is too long, search for the user with their username, name or a job
  5. Grant any user full project access by changing their assignment to Admin
  6. Note that some Users are Teamspace Admins, which automatically makes them a project Admin

Model User Permissions

Any project in 3D Repo may contain multiple models or federations and the level of access to this information is managed through Model & Federation Permissions.
You can chooses which models/federations each user can access. On top of that, there are five tiers of model accessibility as shown below:

  1. Click on the Model & Federation Permissions
  2. Select individual or multiple Models & Federations
  3. Search for Models/Federations
  4. Assign a level of permission for the individual user
  5. Assign a level of permission to all Users in the list
  6. Search for a user using their Username, Name or Job

    Remember you can always access Project or Model/Federation Permissions from Models & Federations window.
    Just click on the options menu and select Permissions Icon as shown below.

Define User Permissions when inviting a new user

When you invite a user to 3D Repo, you have the option to enable them to share, view and edit your Teamspace, Projects, Models/Federations.
For more information on how to invite a user to 3D Repo read

Option 1: Select Add as Teamspace Admin to give the user full control over a Teamspace

Option 2: Click on Add Project/Model Permissions to give the user full control over a Project

Select a project you want to share with them

Send the Invite with predefined Project Access

Option 3: Click on Add/Project/Model Permissions and select a project from the drop-down menu.
Select the models you want to grant permission to access and the level of permission.
Send the Invite with predefined model access permissions

For more information, head over to our Support Centre page or check out our video tutorials on how to Invite Users and User Management.