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Sign Up to 3D Repo
Model upload with Navisworks PlugIn
Upload a model to 3D Repo
Upload from Navisworks Federation
Add models to Federation
Using the Notification Centre
Manage Model Revisions
User Management & Permissions
Generate API Key
Invite Users to Your Teamspace
Selecting  model elements
Measure distances
Create Viewpoints
Navigation Modes
Highlight & Isolate model groups
Clipping Plane & Clip Box
Hide & Isolate model elements
Focus Mode & Double click
Upload Revit Model
Create a Smart Group
Measurements Card
Create an issue in 3D Repo
Clash Detection in Federation
Commenting on Issues
Explore Metadata
3D Diff a Model
Create an Issue Markup
3D Diff a Federation
Revit Plugin

User Guides

Quick Start Guide

This Guide is an introductory manual, taking you on a step by step journey through our platform. You will cover the basics of model navigation & Teamspaces.

User Manual

The User manual provides a more comprehensive overview of our platform. It focuses on an in-depth explanation of the features available to users.

VR User Manual

The VR manual will assist you in setting up & using 3D Repo’s Virtual Reality software. Enhance your model reviews or visualise project delivery stages for 4D Planning.

Graphics Card Settings

This guide will show you how to assign a default graphics card in Windows as well as  troubleshoot any problems along the way.


Does 3D Repo require any installations?

You do not need to install any software application as 3D Repo runs in the web browser, such as Chrome, Mozilla, Edge & Safari.
For the best performance, we would recommend using a 64-bit web browser such as Chrome or Firefox.

What are the Hardware requirements to run 3D Repo?

Minimum requirements are Intel Core i5/i7 or AMD A10 processor and 8GB RAM.

For average projects, use Intel Core i5/i7 or AMD A10 processor, 8/16GB RAM and Dedicated Graphics Card.

For best performance on large projects use Intel Core i7/AMD A12 processor, 16GB Ram and 2GB Dedicated Graphics Card.

What file formats does 3D Repo support?

You can directly upload on our website the following file formats: IFC, RVT, DGN (Bentley Microstation & AECOsim), DAE, FBX & OBJ.

Using 3D Repo’s Navisworks Plugin you can upload 3D Models from Civil 3D, SolidWorks and all Navisworks file formats (NWC, NWF & NWD).

Does 3D Repo have an API?

3D Repo does have an API and provides you with access to all of the features available on our platform.
You can use our API to link 3D Repo directly into your software or develop custom workflows. See our API

Where are 3D Repo's servers hosted?

Currently, we are hosting 2 data centres on Amazon Web Services based in the United Kingdom and Canada.

Does 3D Repo perform clash detection?

You can perform clash detection using a feature called Instant Clash. It provides you with a fast and easy way to visualise exact intersection points.
Perform Clash Detection on models of any type, regardless of the file format. To learn more see here.

What is SafetiBase?

SafetiBase is the collaborative way to share and use Health and Safety information and project risks, associating them directly to the model. SafetiBase conforms to the newly published specification for ‘collaborative sharing and use of structured health and safety information using BIM’ (Publicly Available Specification PAS 1192-6). Click here to see how it works in 3D Repo.

Does 3D Repo work with Internet Explorer?

Internet Explorer (IE) 11 was released in 2013 and does not provide full support for WebGL 2.0 specification. Therefore, it is not technically possible to visualise 3D Models using (IE).
Please use alternative web browsers, such as Google Chrome, Mozilla, Safari or Microsoft Edge.

What is the Unity Engine?

Unity is a game engine that is used on our platform for 3D Model viewing capabilities.

Can I make a feature request?

You are more than welcome to contact us at with any suggestions or queries you may have.

Do you offer any Training?

We are more than happy to help you, so please e-mail us at

Can I book a Demo?

Feel free to do so in here.

BIM Forensics


Explore the potential of new workflows and discover new opportunities.All of this can be done using Node-RED, a browser-based flow editor.Use it to connect to 3D Repo’s APIs for model validation/analysis, data mining and issue tracking. Node-RED’s graphical flow-based programming will suit the current users of tools alike Dynamo or Grasshopper.

Power BI

Visualising your data comes in handy in making decisions or for monitoring the performance. Like never before, there are great tools to make it happen for you. Visualise your project’s data through interactive dashboards using Power BI. Whether you are doing a weekly project review or a formal report, our default template can be tailored to suit you. Download one of our templates and establish a live link with your project in no time.

Dynamo BIM

As projects grow exponentially so do the daily tasks. Improve your performance by utilising such tools as Dynamo in conjunction with 3D Repo. Resolve Issues or Health & Safety concerns by linking 3D Repo information to a Revit model. Review model Issues or Elements and update multiple drawings with a click of a button. Try our sample workflows and experiment or develop your own.

Sample Files & Workflows

Try our sample workflows and see how 3D Repo is cable of integrating with other applications. Link you model data to Power BI for custom dashboards. Use Node-RED to perform model analysis or link it with other cloud platforms. Automate information flow between your model and 3D Repo with Dynamo for Revit.

Click on the sample files or guides to download them.

Visit Our GitHub Page For MoreVisit Our GitHub Page For More
Group By Property / Node-Red
Group Submodels / Node-Red
Data Validation / Node-Red
Metadata Diff/ Node-Red
Issues Report / Node-Red
Issues Dashboard / Power BI
Issue Pins on Drawings / Dynamo

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