Summary: 8th 3D Repo British Information Modelling Event

By 26th June 2019 Announcements

The 8th 3D Repo British Information Modelling event was held at the Bryden Wood offices in Holborn London on Tuesday 25th June. We had a sell out event, and a packed house of guests – our biggest event yet!

Maria Mamoura, Directive Creative Technologies from Bryden Wood gave a great presentation about a new Rapid Engineering Model for automated design of smart highways.

Simon Wray Managing Director at Specialist Project Integration (SPI) spoke about how SPI are helping Network Rail deliver the expansion and remodelling of King’s Cross station, using next generation digital techniques and platforms to enhance the workflow throughout the supply chain.

James Bowles of Freeform had a very interesting presentation showing off some excellent 4D models, using 3D Repo’s SafetiBase to improve H&S, briefings etc. to improve processes and project planning.

Chris Brighouse gave an overview of who OpenText are and what they do, and then spent some time explaining the supplier exchange service which uses 3D Repo to provide a review facility and link to incoming models before they are submitted into the main system of record for a project or operating asset.

Dr Al Fisher from BuroHappold took the audience through the AEC Delta Mobility project (funded by Innovate UK). The project will bring clearer coordination (can see what you are syncing), minimise data payloads – transferring only changes, tracking specific changes, communication of specific diff to aid design decisions, and clear authorship and history.

Tom Baker spoke about how Cogital are using the 3D Repo development environment to deliver customised digital solutions to their clients which aid in data management and the democratisation of BIM data.

Overall it was a really great event with some awesome presentations, and a really engaged audience. Thanks to the team at Bryden Wood for hosting this event. Details to come soon regarding our third event of the year which will be held in London during Digital Construction Week, October 2019.

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