In this whitepaper, we draw upon our own experiences of handling some of the most security-minded projects such as national parliaments and nuclear power stations in order to provide a checklist for BIM managers, IT procurers, and project directors to follow to ensure your data is secure in the cloud.

Data breaches in the construction sector are rising exponentially. Data from risk consulting firm Kroll shows that there was an 800% increase in breaches in 2020 compared to 2019. And an analysis of 1,200 ransomware attacks between 2020 and 2021 by encryption software company Nordlocker found that construction was the industry most attacked.

What you will learn from this white paper:

  • What are the security risks of storing data in the cloud?
  • What should be protected
  • Where is your data actually stored?
  • How you can protect your data
  • The NCSC’s 14 steps to cloud security
  • A checklist for selecting cloud systems to ensure your data is secure in the cloud
Information Security in AECO - secure in the cloud - white paper - front cover

Is your data secure in the cloud? Find out more

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