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In this webinar, we’ll talk about 3D models as a commodity and how 3D Repo can help push and pull data from these models in unique ways. We’ve got Rob Clifton from Asite talking about an integration that pushes models from your CDE directly into 3D Repo. No more downloading files, trying to get the right software installed and losing track of revisions. A single click takes you right to the model in the browser.

Bogdan Davydov and Matthew Osment will be exploring what APIs mean to the Construction Professional; Why you don’t need to be an IT expert to take advantage of them, and some of the tools you can use to get started.


About this Event

Webinar: 3D Repo for Custom Integrations

The construction industry has often been criticised for its slow uptake of technology. However, newly available technologies such as Building Information Modelling (BIM) have brought real change to the industry and massively improved collaboration. The industry has started to see a digital transformation, with some of the construction industries most forward-thinking clients becoming more digitised and relying more heavily on technology.

However, new challenges in data exchange, file compatibility, and vendor lock-in are stifling productivity and collaboration amongst stakeholders using different software applications.

A recent position paper by the European Construction Industry Federation (FIEC) earlier this year raised concerns about the potential exploitation of relationships between construction software providers and their users. Tier 2 contractors and smaller companies, for example, are finding themselves with no choice but to use the software determined by the main contractor or client – or risk being left behind – read more here:

The AEC industry has begun to demand better solutions that promote collaboration and enable all members to freely exchange data across different applications and platforms – not a one-size-fits-all approach.

3D Repo was created to enable the construction industry to work better together and to create better buildings with a fully open-source and highly compatible digital construction platform. 3D Repo’s open API allows access and interaction with the wealth of data stored on 3D Repo’s servers, with an ever-expanding list of integrations with some of the industry’s top tech innovators.


• 3D Repo and Asite: Streamlined BIM file management

• 3D Repo open API

• Building custom solutions with 3D Repo

Guest speakers

• Rob Clifton – Senior Vice President UK/Europe at Asite

• Matthew Osment – Head of Digital Twins and Product Manager at 3D Repo

• Bogdan Davydov – Customer Success Manager at 3D Repo


• Andrew Norrie – Commercial Director at 3D Repo

Who should attend?

• Anyone in the AEC industry

• Architects & Engineers

• BIM, Coordinators, Consultants, Managers

• Construction Clients

• Software Engineers

• Asset Managers

• Project Managers

• and more…

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