Exploring the New Features of 3D Repo V5

The latest and greatest version of 3D Repo is almost here! Watch the webinar below on demand to get a sneak peek of the groundbreaking NEW features out soon. V5 is set to be a game changer in transforming and boosting your collaboration.

New features include:

  • A brand new interface: a cleaner more polished look to 3D Repo, making it more user-friendly for users to easily find the data they need.
  • Multi file upload: you can no drag and drop multiple files from all supported formats for mass upload from desktop to the cloud.
  • Improved support for large models: our new data streaming format allows you to stream your models from the cloud to the web. This allows for support of federation whilst also improving user experience for those with low powered machines.
  • Custom tickets: you can now create custom tickets to assign to the model. This allows you to create forms with unlimited custom drop downs and fields which can be referenced against the model.


  • Andrew Norrie, Commercial Director, 3D Repo
  • Matthew Osment, Product Director, 3D Repo

Stay tuned for the official launch of V5 out soon!  

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