Digital technologies are being embraced across the construction industry at ever increasing rates of adoption. The construction industry is infamous for errors, omissions, overruns and spending substantially more money than budgeted, all of which could easily be prevented through proper communication, coordination and collaboration. This is such a problem that in 2011 the UK Government mandated the use of collaborative 3D BIM technologies on all public construction from April 2016 onwards. This is where 3D Repo comes in. Our product
is a multi-award-winning platform which has transformed how construction projects are carried out, and how everyone involved in a project from architects and consultants to contractors and everyone else can organise any construction project.

Instead of sharing massive proprietary files in a costly and time-consuming manner, anyone involved with a construction project can simply point their web browser to an encrypted database in order to manage the project as well as verify, validate and analyse the data in a fully collaborative environment.

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