Jozef Doboš
Arup University Doctoral College Conference 2012
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The maintenance of assets in a large 3D visualisation can involve many authors with potentially different skills and tools. This presents problems, not limited to maintaining consistency of the models and dealing with concurrent edits in the same part of a 3D scene. To address these issues, Arup developed a unified and integrated framework 3D Repo ( that supports collaborative editing and distribution of 3D assets. This framework tracks multiple revisions of 3D assets so that they can be integrated at a later date. It thus provides similar functionality to file-based revision control systems, but is built around a NoSQL database, hence avoiding the constraints of a file-based system. The framework also supports distributed editing over the Internet and additional lightweight clients in web-browsers and mobile devices. Such an approach is expected to improve the engineering as well as public engagement and considerably reduce the costs of future industrial development.

ARUP doctoral conference 2012

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