The cloud based solution provides a fast and reliable way to detect all changes in underlying 3D models, in real time, via an encrypted web  browser.

3D Diff is a first for the industry as it operates on any 3D models, regardless of their file type, software used to produce them or file size. 3D Repo solution also allows users to share visualisations with project partners and stakeholders irrespective of location or time-zone.

By comparing the actual geometry of a model rather than underlying, software specific object IDs or labels, 3D Diff can detect changes between models from different sources. For instance, a user may pass 3D models from PDMS to Navisworks as well as to Tekla due to project specific requirements. Without 3D Diff, there is no way of verifying what data has been lost in translation from one package to the next.

In addition to offering a fast, effective, software independent solution for change and clash detection, 3D Diff requires no installation of desktop software. Data is fully encrypted and project privileges, such as view only or edit, can be assigned to individual project partners.

3D Diff sheet

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