Jozef Doboš and Anthony Steed
SIGGRAPH Asia 2012 Technical Briefs
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We present an open source tool, 3D Diff, that supports differencing and merging of 3D models. As modeling software grows in use, and as 3D models get more complex and require input from more users, there is an emerging problem of maintaining large scenes over time. A scene might be concurrently edited by different users and thus there is a need to merge different versions of a 3D model. We frame this problem in a way that is analogous to software merging: firstly, we automatically detect differences in 3D models by noting correspondences and discrepancies between them; secondly we provide an interactive tool to select between such changes in order to effect a merge. To achieve this we introduce the notions of explicit and implicit conflicts in 3D models and develop a prototype implementation to support the differencing and merging processes. We evaluate this tool with users and find the 3D Diff to be an effective way of merging 3D models. We claim that such tools have an important role to play in the maintenance of large models.

Dobos Simondetti steed siggraph asia 2012

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