3D Repo in MS Teams

In this example conversation, Matthew makes a query by asking Teams to show open issues from 3D Repo. The words, “open issues” are recognised as a query by the chatbot, which knows to pull this data from the 3D Repo database. The chatbot also recognises that a specific project needs to be specified before moving forward and goes ahead and asks Matthew to state which one, which is the Lego House.

The second feature to point out is where Matthew pastes a URL from one specific issue from the Lego House model into Teams. Both people are able to view the image and metadata from that issue during a live conversation – much easier than sending screenshots!

3D Repo in MS Teams mobile

Issues and practically any information could be pulled from 3D Repo due its open API.

You could also query groups, for example, the number of columns there are in a particular model during a conversation in Teams.

Find documentation on 3D Repo’s open API for access to all 3D Repo functionality, or to create your own customisable solution with the viewer API.

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