It is our pleasure to announce that Jozef Doboš was awarded the The Rabin Ezra Scholarship based on his research contributions to the field of 3D version control.
The Rabin Ezra Scholarship Trust has been set up with the purpose of making available bursaries for post-graduate students. Dr Rabin Ezra was an undergraduate at Queen Mary and Westfield College in the late 1980s and then went on to obtain his PhD in 1994 in the Department of Computer Science. He specialised in computer graphics, and continued to an eminently successful career at Canon Research Europe, Criterion Software and finally Sony Computer Entertainment Europe in London. Rabin passed away on Monday, June 27th 2005 while he was in Malta on company business, after having been taken ill with pneumonia.
His family have established a Trust Fund that is to be used in perpetuity for the provision of bursaries to postgraduate students. Each year a Selection Committee comprised of a number of Rabin’s colleagues, friends and family will select one or more recipients for a bursary. Until 2012 this trust fund was only available to students from selected London universities. Now this trust fund is available for students at any UK university.
The Bursaries
The trust made bursaries available for the first time in January 2007 and these are available annually thereafter. The bursaries will be made with the intention of recognising and rewarding promising junior research students.

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