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Synchro Integration

3D Repo Synchro integration means you can import projects from Bentley Synchro into 3D Repo. The integration will enable site teams to identify, record, and resolve site hazards as part of a virtual construction sequence evaluation and training.

Drop pins at specific points in time during the construction sequence to go beyond design issue management and into construction issue management with the introduction of 4D issue tracking.


Revit & Navisworks Model Upload Plug-ins

We’ve updated the Revit and Navisworks plugins to allow you to view and create new SafetiBase issues all from the Revit and Navisworks environments. Plus, now you can perform direct model upload from Revit to 3D Repo!

Any new issues and comments are then easily synched back to 3D Repo for other collaborators to view and manage.

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Synchro Integration - Revit-and-Navis-plugin-update-4.12-1

ProjectWise Integration via Microsoft Power Automate or Logic Apps

3D Repo now integrates seamlessly with ProjectWise to streamline workflows, prevent double handling, and save you precious time.

Now you can upload your models to ProjectWise Common Data Environment and your model files will be automatically uploaded into the 3D Repo platform using our open API.

Synchro Integration - Projectwise-integration

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