In the UK, the Government made the move to mandate the use of BIM Level 2 by 2016 for all large and public-sector projects, with all project documentation and data stored electronically – usually done via a Common Data Environment.

The Common Data Environment (CDE) is the central system where all project data is stored and accessed by all project team members. This single source of information helps to prevent duplication and mistakes and promotes collaboration by all stakeholders. The CDE collects graphical model and non-graphical data.

Asite has teamed up with 3D Repo to create an integration that links the two platforms to further improve collaboration and streamline BIM file management.
Asite enables organizations to store and manage all project data in one central and secure repository, providing the tools to plan, design, and build with seamless information sharing across the entire supply chain. Asite has been used by many leading AEC companies on global projects, including Crossrail and the expansion of Dubai International Airport; offering streamlined workflows, efficient information management, and full document control that complies with global standards.

The new integration between Asite and 3D Repo will streamline the standard process of uploading 3D models and other BIM related deliverables to Asite’s CDE, and instantly and synchronously reflecting those files in the 3D Repo platform. The synchronisation of the two platforms will save the user time, who would otherwise upload files to multiple locations.

The 3D Repo platform for BIM data has been used by many large construction companies on some of the most challenging projects in the UK and abroad. Synchronising 3D Repo and Asite’s CDE is going to save valuable time on more construction and infrastructure projects where hundreds or thousands of model federations and other deliverables are uploaded.

“We’re delighted to be working with 3D Repo on an integration to align our platforms and create a seamless experience that further improves coordination for our shared customer base, and will ultimately save time on construction projects globally.” N

Nathan Doughty, Group CEO at Asite

Read the news release here.

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