eviFile and 3D Repo claim construction clients will achieve on average a 40% more efficient programme through more effective data sharing, streamlining and reduction in time on site.

eviFile works via standard tablets and smartphones, enabling field operatives to use their device’s cameras and GPS capabilities to record works undertaken and completed.

3D Repo enables real-time BIM management through a cloud-based collaborative approach.

The strategic partnership sees 3D Repo provide revision control, issues management and BIM data analysis for clients, while eviFile provides project management, inspection test plan (ITP) completion and data relay back into the model in real-time.

eviFile managing director, Luke Allen, said: “This is an industry-leading partnership which has huge potential for construction projects. eviFile stands apart in the sector for powerful and secure digital evidence collection which protects brands and avoids disputes. Combining this with 3D Repo’s modelling capabilities creates a compelling offer for construction companies, which can now track issues in the build stage within their modelling.

“We are always looking for better ways of doing things and this is just another way in which we are innovating. Construction technology start-ups continue to challenge the status quo and with this partnership, we will create further commercial advantages for clients.”

3D Repo founder and CEO, Jozef Dobos, added: “Linking these two systems means we can provide clients with richer data and a single source of information on their project.

“eviFile gives excellent photographic and nongraphical data and combining this with our in-depth 3D data management makes it easier and safer for field workers to locate and solve issues – which are then relayed back into the model. Bringing together the worlds of BIM and digital evidence has huge potential for the sector.”

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