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Managing Issues with the Kanban Board

One of the main benefits of BIM is being able to proactively identify and rectify design issues and risks on a construction project to ultimately save time and money in expensive re-work. Having those issues in a central location like the 3D Repo digital construction platform for BIM data means the whole team can access them from a web browser, instead of exchanging large files and outdated information.

The Kanban board is a super simple way to manage issues and risks without having to open the BIM 3D viewer. The Kanban board allows all users to view, sort, edit, and even add new issues and risks without loading the 3D model.

To start using the Kanban board in 3D Repo, simply open it from your Teamspace by clicking the relevant project and model/federation containing the issues you want to view.

kanban basics

Alternatively, you can also access the Kanban board from the Models & Federations area by hovering over a specific model and clicking the Issues & Risks icon as shown below.

kanban basics models and federations

The Kanban board behaves similarly to a Trello style board. Simply drag and drop the issue cards to update the status of them. The Kanban board is a live representation of issues and risks which means any changes you make will live update for all other collaborators too. Also note, you can filter issue cards by status, priority, topic type, assigned to, created by, and due date for even easier BIM issue management.

kanban board livechat

Clicking on an issue card from the Kanban board opens up the issue and allows you to view and edit the details or even post a comment for other collaborators to see. Also worth noting, with a recent 3D Repo update you can now use the @ symbol to tag specific collaborators and notify them to your comment.

edit issue in kanban board

How do you create an issue from the Kanban board?

To create a new issue, simply click the green plus symbol in the top right-hand corner of the Kanban board. See our support article for creating and managing issues for more info.

kanban basics

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