The team at 3D Repo introduce to you a new way for people to share and preview 3D models – 3D Send, powered by 3D Repo.

3D Send is for architects, engineers, gaming enthusiasts, healthcare, hobbyists, and absolutely anyone you need to share models with. Simply upload your files and 3D Send them through our easy-to-use platform. Once received, models can be previewed right from the web browser or downloaded to use with your favourite tools. Plus, it’s totally free to use with no registration required.

How does it work?

Step 1: Head to and either click and drag or hit the plus button to upload your model files into the browser. Enter your email address and the email addresses of the collaborators you wish to share your files with.

3d send upload file

Step 2: Click the 3D Send button to send your models. Once the files have been sent, you can click the copy link button and paste it into a browser to view the models.

3d send upload file

Step 3: An email with a link to the models will be sent to each collaborator, allowing them to preview them in the browser, or download them to use with their favourite tools. Models are stored safely on our platform for 14 days. *Please note, it may take a few minutes for your models to process before you can view them in the browser.

3d send email received

Your recipients will receive an email with a link to view the model in the browser. From there, they can also choose to download the files and use elsewhere.

3d send view model in browser

Share BIM models with anyone

Simply drag & drop your files in the web browser to upload them to our secure platform. 3D Send as many files as you like up to 500 MB. With no registration required, you can quickly and easily send model files to absolutely anyone.

Preview BIM models in the browser

Once received, models can be viewed in the browser or downloaded to use with your favourite tools. Our built-in 3D viewer is powered by 3D Repo and let’s anyone preview 3D models without the need for expensive software.

Share BIM models securely

Leveraging 3D Repo’s secure hosting, your files are stored safely and securely for up to 14 days giving collaborators plenty of time to preview and download the models.

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