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PlanBase is an open-source 3D planning portal where residents and planners alike can easily review planning proposals and comment on them where it matters most. Through data and smart technology, PlanBase democratises the planning process to help drive participation and engagement across all groups of people.

Based on the award-winning 3D Repo Digital Construction Platform in the cloud, PlanBase provides an easy-to-use, visual narrative where users can instantly provide feedback on specific topics.

PlanBase is easy to use, embeddable or use as standalone, and AEC-ready.

Benefits of PlanBase:

  • Communication – Communicate proposals in 3D via a web browser with tools for residents to comment on issues.
  • Engagement – Users are taken on a 3D journey through a virtual planning application, zooming in and out of different 3D views from city-wide down to street level.
  • Analysis – Automated business intelligence, data aggregation, and statistics for planners.
  • Speed – Get instant feedback and faster iteration of changes.

Explore City Scale

Users can view City wide proposals, such as road and rail changes, increases in bicycle and pedestrian rights of way and long-term master planning.

PlanBase Opening Bookmark

Zoom in to Area Scale

For large scale development schemes, users will be able to see the landscape during the different phases of development. Understand the impact on the local area and feedback on the impact to them as a resident.

PlanBase Church Question

Walk through Street Scale

Zooming down to street-view can allow users to review buildings and infrastructure planning from a human point of view, reviewing walking routes, sight lines and building architecture that will impact their everyday life.

PlanBase Cycle Question

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