A warm welcome to Rebecca Hodder who’s joined the 3D Repo team as our new Marketing Executive! 

We spoke with Rebecca about why she joined 3D Repo and what she’s most looking forward to doing in her new role. Rebecca brings great marketing knowledge to the team and we’re excited to have her on board! 

What is your background and where did you work previously?

After studying marketing in both Auckland and Edinburgh, I worked in various marketing roles, particularly specialising in digital marketing within the tourism industry. My most recent role was working for an international tour company in the UK where I looked after all aspects of digital marketing, from social media management, copy writing, digital strategy, SEO, content creation, website management, direct marketing and more. 

Prior to this, I was working in the marketing team for Australasia’s largest travel agency, firstly in PR and communications and then moving to the digital marketing team. Wearing many ‘hats’ across my roles has provided me with great knowledge of the various elements of marketing and how they can work together to meet marketing goals and objectives. The most exciting part about marketing for me is how it’s continuously evolving and incorporates sales and creativity to help a company expand and succeed. 

Why did you join 3D Repo?

I actually found out about 3D Repo and the role from the previous Marketing Executive, Ben Davies. Ben spoke highly of the company and when he told me about the role it piqued my interest to work for a growing award-winning startup. Although the industry is quite different to my background, I am excited for a new challenge and to gain insight into a quickly progressing industry working alongside a highly innovative and passionate team. 

What are you most looking forward to at 3D Repo? 

I’m most looking forward to being part of 3D Repo’s growth and utilising my marketing skills to help the company continue to do so. Seeing positive results come from marketing activities is always very rewarding. Working for 3D Repo will also give me the opportunity to work across all areas of marketing and continue to wear the many marketing ‘hats’, which is something I enjoy. 

I think there’s many exciting opportunities for 3D Repo in the near future, whether that’s scaling the business nationally or internationally and I’m excited to be part of that progression. 

What gets you excited about the future of this industry?

Although I’m new to the construction technology industry, I find that the direction this industry is heading is an exciting one with lots of potential for innovation and growth. I look forward to seeing what we can do in that space and hopefully continue to pave our way to success in the industry. 

What are your interests and hobbies? 

As I moved over from New Zealand a few years ago, I enjoy travelling every opportunity I get! Having Europe on the doorstep with such affordable flights is very exciting for me and still a bit of a novelty that I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of. 

When I’m not travelling, I enjoy going to live music gigs, cooking and trying the many amazing restaurants and cafes around London. Back in NZ I was also very into hiking and water sports. Although London doesn’t quite provide the same hiking and water sports opportunities, I make the most of the parks and love to explore the many things there is to see and do in this exciting city. There’s always something new!

Reach out to Rebecca at marketing@3drepo.com

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