There is a long list of benefits of Building Information Modelling (BIM) software in the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) industry including better communication and collaboration, less re-work, better planning and logistics to name a few. But one of the big benefits of BIM is its ability to reduce risk; firstly, by making construction safer, and secondly by mitigating financial risk through better documentation.

Viewing 3D models helps people on a project better visualise the asset and building site and identify any potential hazards before anyone sets foot in the construction zone. Using software such as 3D Repo’s SafetiBase (Health & Safety platform) also allows collaborators to mark-up these potential dangers for everyone to see in the model. These ‘risks’ are assigned to a team responsible for mitigating that risk, making it safer for all people involved.

Being able to better visualise the site also means people can plan logistics ahead of time. The ability to identify and manage ‘what if?’ scenarios well in advance reduces risk and helps with delivering the project on time while protecting profits.

BIM software can also help to reduce legal risk by keeping a record of actions and communications throughout the project lifecycle. Essentially making everything open and transparent for all involved parties to see.

Traditionally, the industry has been notorious for sending communications over email where it becomes lost at the bottom of someone’s inbox, or people lose track of what actions have been taken. On top of that, it is not uncommon for issues to be noted in spreadsheets and sticky notes which give no visibility to collaborating teams.

Using software with an issue tracking feature keeps all issues and actions in a central hub where all teams can access them and see what actions have been taken to remedy them. Issue trackers keep everything transparent and hold people accountable for their tasks – no more finger pointing about who should have done what.

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