King’s Cross station in a web browser

Published On: February 2nd, 2022Categories: News and events1.1 min read

With the latest advancements in the Web 3D technology and our creation of XML3DRepo API, we are able to load and display massive models over the Internet such as is the case of King’s Cross station redevelopment in London. The site of King’s Cross in London is a Grade 1 listed building, designed by Lewis Cubitt in 1852. It was restored and expanded in partnership with English Heritage in order to create 8 million square feet of offices, retail and housing spaces. Fitted solar panels will cover 2,500m^2 and provide 10% of the station’s energy needs.

Kings Cross station

Rendering of the final model of the King’s Cross station is over 3,6M polygons in 2.5GB assets spread across nearly 600 files. In this technical demo, the model is version controlled in 3D Repo and visualised via XML3DRepo API in a chrome web browser. Compression to 300MB is achieved via OpenCTM library.

Kings Cross Station angle
Kings Cross Station angle 3

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