The latest version release of is out! V5.2 offers new enhancements that will further help streamline workflows, improve collaboration, and save time and money.

What new features can you expect in V5?

Sign on with Microsoft

Users can now sign in to using their Microsoft accounts, which improves security, simplifies the sign-in process and makes access easier to manage. It also means additional security features such as MFA (multi factor authentication) can be enforced by policy. 

Issue Properties in Custom Tickets

Issue properties in custom tickets now have a streamlined UI to allow users to quickly and easily identify who is responsible and how a ticket is classified, to help further streamline the issue management process and resolve issues in real-time. 

Comments in Custom Tickets

You can now add comments to custom tickets to further improve collaboration and communication across stakeholders in the construction project. It can also help provide additional context and information about an issue, making it easier to understand and resolve.

Improved Graphics Performance

The new version has improved streaming performance, which means you can load large models and files faster to get things done more quickly and efficiently. This is particularly useful for large construction projects with lots of files to manage.


V5.2 comes with improved interoperability features, including direct file upload support for NWC files from NavisWorks (previously only NWD were supported), Synchro 6.5, Revit (RVT) 2023, NavisWorks (NWD) 2023, Civils 3D (DWG) 2023, and AutoCAD (DWG) 2023, which makes it simple for users to import and export their models, streamlining collaboration and project management.

Ready to get started?

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