3D Repo has been recently featured in the Construction Computing magazine.

3D Repo is helping to transform the way we handle information with its web-based, real-time change detection solution, 3D Diff

I would hereby like to demolish a couple of contemporary construction myths. The first one is that the management of change within the construction industry is a complicated and time-consuming pain in the backside, and the second is that 3D Repo is ‘just a virtual reality company’.

Let’s put that in context. In any sizeable project which entails design input from a number of different disciplines, it is inevitable that there are going to be many instances where clashes occur, with MEP conduits going through steel girders, or where the positioning of doors prevents occupants in lavatories opening them without straddling the toilet bowl (hands up the Design Centre), each instance being recorded as an engineering change during the design stages, or at any time up to, and sometimes beyond installation.

Each of these changes to the building model is emailed to all of those affected within the project, and the relevant managers with responsibility for ensuring that the changes are implemented have to upload every change request, locate it within the building, confirm the changes and issue alternative instructions to the contractors involved.

Read the full article at: http://www.btc.co.uk/Articles/CU1803-pg20_22-whats%20the%20diff.pdf

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