3D Repo Bryden wood with Dr Jozef Dobos

3D Repo is partnering with Bryden Wood to develop 4D sequence visualisation features for their database driven Digital Construction Platform. These features will allow users to visualise 3D construction projects, over time, directly from their existing BIM models. Outputs will be viewable not only in 3D Repo’s web based platform, but also by loading directly from the cloud and viewing via market leading virtual reality headsets such as Oculus and HTC Vive.

4D modelling is a term used in the construction sector and refers to the fourth dimension of time, so 4D schedule is a 3D model that includes the construction sequencing. This enables teams to analyse events on a time-line and visualise the duration it takes to complete tasks within the construction process.

Phil Langley, Director of Bryden Wood, said, “We are delighted to work with 3D Repo, and we see 4D as a key component of digital transformation, especially in the design for manufacture sector when applied to construction. Combining this with the latest technologies from 3D Repo will make for a powerful solution to benefit the industry as a whole. This is pioneering work – putting 4D into virtual reality – a first in construction, we think.”

Jozef Dobos, CEO, 3D Repo said, “When developing tools for the construction industry, 3D Repo has always partnered with industry experts to guide our development. In Bryden Wood we have found, not only experts in design for construction, but also partners who really understand the power of innovation and how it can help the construction industry.”

3D Repo and Bryden Wood will be launching this new development at the upcoming Digital Construction Week (18th and 19th October), where visitors will be invited to try out the solution for themselves at 3D Repo’s VR workshop.


Once your data is stored on our platform, is it encrypted again so that the ‘data at rest’ is encrypted with keys that only our operations staff have access to. This means that if someone were able to break into the datacentre and remove the servers running the platform, your data would not be accessible.

Physical Security

Amazon operates a high level of physical security at their datacentres. As Amazon are responsible for running large parts of ‘the cloud’ they have implemented many security controls to protect themselves and their clients. For more information on AWS datacentre policies, please read their data centre controls document.

Software Security Principles

We are also Open Source, which allows you to inspect our operating code yourself, and ensure that you’re happy with our operating principles. It also means that you are secure in the fact our software can be downloaded and operated yourself in, 10, 20 even 100 years’ time.

Incident Response & Disaster Recovery

All the data we manage is backed up and encrypted in multiple locations, so it is always available to be recovered in case of a disaster. Our provider, AWS, has above 99.99% uptime and 100% data reliability, which means the data will always be available.

We’re confident our systems and data storage are secure. Interested in implementing 3D Repo’s digital construction (BIM) platform in your next project? Sign up for a free 3D Repo account now, or contact one of our experts now to talk about getting your company set up with BIM.

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