Building Information Modelling (BIM) is to be used on the construction of a large rail project in Chennai, India. On the project is CMRL, whose engineers will use BIM to help them plan, design, coordinate, and build the corridors and stations as part of the project which stretches almost 120km. Construction of a 52km stretch is expected to begin by mid-2020.

3D BIM models will help to improve collaboration among CMRL engineers, contractors, and its sub-contractors, who will all have access to the models whenever they need it. This will also allow collaborators to quickly spot any changes to the design and avoid costly mistakes and re-work.

The models will include an integrated design and drawings of the phase to include stations, tunnels, signal, telecom, viaducts, tracks, and traction, and will help improve labour and materials planning. Better planning will help to save timeenergy, and cost.

BIM will replace the need for engineers to bring CAD drawings on large sheets of paper to the construction site and make it easier for them to spot design changes and clashes. Those design changes and clashes can result in work having to be re-done, which is one of the main causes of delays and cost overruns in construction.

Including the implementation of BIM, CMRL is set to make several changes to its design and processes, taking learnings from the 45km phase-one project, which was delayed by almost four years. Democratising the model for all stakeholders means CMRL can monitor the project and ensure the contractor is following the planned design and find any changes before mistakes are made on site.

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