We sat down (virtually) with our new UI/UX Product Designer, George Hadfield, to chat about why he joined 3D Repo, and what he’s most looking forward to doing in his new role. George brings a wealth of knowledge to the team and we’re really excited to have him on board! Reach out to Geroge at support@3drepo.com

What is your background and where did you work previously?
I’ve spent the majority of my career working for award-winning RAR top-10 digital and creative agency’s, both in design and commercial roles. I learnt my digital design trade at Onespacemedia, which specialise in digital design and development, with a core focus on the technology and sciences sectors. My most recent role was at strategic transformation agency Mobas, which was more of a full-service marketing offering. I undertook both Head of Digital and Lead UX and UI roles during my time at Mobas.

Why did you join 3D Repo?
Joining an award-winning company that pushes the boundaries of technology every day is exciting. As a designer, I find it important to work alongside like-minded people who keep the user at the core of all that they do and the decisions they make. Working for 3D Repo will give me a fantastic platform to utilise my UI and UX skills and experience.

What do you think can be achieved at 3D Repo?
Seeing the advances 3D Repo is making into 4D is incredibly exciting. 3D Repo is utilising the power of cloud-based technology and combining it with 4D technology to track and keep stakeholders updated on the project progression.

What are you most looking forward to doing at 3D Repo?
I’m particularly interested in understanding the needs of 3D Repo customers and working closely with them to develop the user experience. User-centred design is incredibly important to my design approach and something I know 3D Repo is passionate about. 

What gets you excited about the future of this industry?
As we move into a world where the world is built on shared information, BIM collaboration has the potential to change how the world works in many ways. The planning and development of smart cities for example rely on 3D modelling and BIM, which proves how exciting the future of this industry can be.

What are your interests and hobbies?
I’m an avid football fan and enjoy going to watch live games when I can. I’ve also recently taken up golf, which has proven incredibly difficult and addictive! I also enjoy travelling and having fun days out with my wife and son.

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