We are really excited to present the latest release of 3drepo.io!

In addition to all our features enhancements we have also released a new rework of our sectioning tool. Clip your models with a more familiar and intuitive approach.

Main Features and Enhancements

Sectioning tool

Did we mention we were working on this? With an improved User Interface and more intuitive controls, clip away at your models to uncover the information you need!

Sectioning tool – clip by selection

Surely you didn’t think we’d only update the User Interface? You’re now able to clip based on objects that you select, so you’ll be sure they’re part of your review!

Speed Enhancements

With our fancy footwork in the back-end, we’ve now increased the speed of model loading through streaming by 30-50%! (subject to model properties) Whatever will you do with all that extra time?

Dynamic Navigation bar

Our navigation bar become more dynamic, expanding based on what you select – watch it slide!

Normal Groups – Retained across revisions

Your normal groups are here to stay. Create a group in a previous revision using a Revit or IFC file and you’ll now see it available in your latest model revisions!

Custom Tickets – Filtering Pins

Custom Ticket pins now react to the same filters in the ticket list. Now you’ll only see the tickets in the viewer that you see in the list.

Custom Tickets – Pin Colouring

Your custom tickets now come alive. Easily distinguish between different templates or just make collaboration that little bit more colourful.

4D – New Synchro (SPM) version compatibility

We now support Synchro SPM files up to version!

4D – Custom Ticket Sequence View Capture

Custom Tickets and the Sequencing work better together! Create a ticket during a sequence and save the view at that frame!

4D – Custom Ticket Sequence Capture

They’re at it again, another Custom Tickets and Sequencing integration! Create a ticket during a sequence and store the sequence timing in your ticket!

4D – Default today’s date

It’s never good to dwell on the past, start looking at your 4D models from today’s date by default!

Attribute Card

The BIM Card has had a rename to Attribute Card – don’t get confused now! With a name change it’s now better behaved than before, allowing you to load Attribute data regardless of whether you first click objects or the card.

Project Images

It’s sometimes hard to distinguish between your different projects at a glance – worry no more! You can customise the front page of your projects to your hearts content, whether that’s a model of the project, a photo of site, or even one of your pet cat!

Images above in order: The Mukaab from Construction Week, “Construction Site” from Unsplash and our Happy Cat is a Photo by Alvan Nee on Unsplash.

Ready to get started?

Existing 3drepo.io users can simply login to your account to begin utilising our new version today. New to 3D Repo? Book a Free Demo with us to learn more about how we can help take your collaboration to the next level!

For any questions, please email us at support@3drepo.com.

For many more features & bug fix info, please view our changelog on our github page.

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