We are thrilled to announce the latest release of 3drepo.io!

Alongside numerous feature enhancements, we have introduced the ability to synchronize clashes between 3D Repo and Navisworks. As if that wasn’t enough, your models now load 2 times faster, and with our new caching implementation, they reload at lightning speed.

Main Features and Enhancements

Navisworks Batch Clash

Keep all your issues in one location on 3D Repo. Create a clash report in Navisworks and easily synchronise these to 3D Repo through our plugin. On the 3drepo.io platform, this comes up in our new default clash module – Clash.

Speed Improvements

Two times faster (subject to model sizes and hardware specs) on first time loading with caching too! Bringing you that much more efficiency in getting your tasks done.

Measurements – Angles/Polylines

Straight lines no more! Now you can use angle measurements on your projects as well as point-to-point polylines.

Custom Tickets – Markup

Markups are an essential part of issues and risks management – and we’ve now brought them across to custom tickets! Markup the model against any of the data you choose to capture!

Custom Tickets – Custom Status

Want to choose your own status text? Now it’s possible, with this new release, you can choose whatever text you like, up to 15 characters!

Custom Tickets – Property configurations

Now you are able to set your properties with read-only, unique and immutable statuses on the UI. This will allow your custom tickets to be more flexible serving more use-cases.

Custom Tickets – Batch Import/Update endpoints

Sometimes you just want to be able to batch create and update your tickets, now you can with our new API endpoint!

Ready to get started?

Existing 3drepo.io users can simply login to your account to begin utilising our new version today – don’t forget to check for new plugin versions!

New to 3D Repo? Book a Free Demo with us to learn more about how we can help take your collaboration to the next level!

For any questions, please email us at support@3drepo.com.

For many more features & bug fix info, please view our changelog on our github page.

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